Repair & Installation


Have a problem? Let us handle the headache! Here at Peck's we are always ready to handle any task that may crop up. We offer top notch repair and installation practices, as well as the highest quality of materials to get yours system back on track and running smoothly.

Excavation Services

Whether you need a tank dug open, or a new line ran, we have the proper equipment to handle the job.
  • Tank locating
If your tank is buried and your unsure where its located, don't sweat it. Our trained techs can typically locate your tank using a prob rod, if the tank is still not found we offer an electronic tank locator.

  1. Excavation
Need a tank dug open, a trench dug or even a pesky scrub removed. No problem, we offer a full line of excavation services.

  • Lid Replacement
If your septic tank lid is cracked or broken, then the strucual integrity has been compromised. The only safe option is to remove the old lid and replace it with a new lid.

Effluent Pumps

Annoying tank alert alarm going off in your home, or do you notice wetness around your pump tank? You may have an issue. Peck's specializes in effluent pump repair and installation. Our trained techs can diagnose any issues, provide corrective measures and return your system to functioning condition.
  • Pump Sales
Need a new pump? No problem! We are a registered Goulds pump, and SJE Rhombus dealer. Buying a pump through us gives you a three year warranty on all Goulds pumps and a five year warranty on all SJE Rhombus equipment.

  • Diagnostics
Our trained techs can quickly analyze issues with your effluent pump system, and determine the proper corrective measures.
  • Pump Repair
Once our tech diagnoses your pump system we apply the needed corrective measures. Our repairs are made using the highest of quality parts. Each component is tested for proper function. Same day repair is available.

  • Pump Installation
If your pump is not repairable then the next option is to install a new pump. We offer complete pump installation with only the highest of quality parts. Each component is then tested for proper operation. Same day installation is available



Your plumbing system is a crucial part of your septic system. It is the first step to wastewater treatment. Plumbing carries your waste water from your appliances to your treatment tank. Problems here can cause issues such as leaks, or back ups into your home.
  • Interior Waste Water Plumbing
  • Exterior Waste Water Plumbing