Residential Services




Preventive Care

Here at Peck's we take the worry out of septic maintenance. Preventative care is the best course to maintain a healthy septic system. There are three simple steps to follow to keep everything running smoothly. Learn about our worry free maintenance program!

  • Regular pumping of septic tank(s) or cesspool

Regular pumping intervals are a crucial step in the waste water treatment cycle. Pumping allows sludge, debris and dead bacteria to be removed from the septic system, paving the way for new, healthy bacteria to colonize. Learn how a septic system works.

  • Inspect

Inspection of your tank(s), absorption area and related components is highly important. All components need to be functioning properly in order to add longevity to your system. Every pumping includes a free 20 point inspection Click here to learn about our 20 point inspection.

  • Filter

Some systems are equipped with an effluent filter, this is usually found in the second compartment of your tank, or the second tank if applicable. The effluent filter catches particles that have made there way through the treatment tanks and into the outflow baffle. These particles typically consist of seeds, foreign matter, lint, grease, and sludge particles. It is very important to keep the effluent filter clean, or else there could be sewage back up. Learn about effluent filters.

Drain Services

If your drains are going down slowly, or you suspect you may be having issue related to drain lines then you came to the right place. We offer a full line of services to open up blocked lines, inspect or clean.
  • Snaking
Our technicians used a rigid metal snake to break loose clogs.
  • Jetting
High pressure water is used to remove dirt, debris and build up from pipe walls as well as clearing solid clogs.
  • Camera
A snaked mounted camera can be used to inspect the inside of drainage pipes and can pin point problem areas
  • Auger
Cutting blades fixed upon a rotating line are used to cut through dense materials such as tree roots

Effluent Pumps

Annoying tank alert alarm going off in your home, or do you notice wetness around your pump tank? You may have an issue. Peck's specializes in effluent pump repair and installation. Our trained techs can diagnose any issues, provide corrective measures and return your system to functioning condition.
  • Pump Sales
Need a new pump? No problem! We are a registered Goulds pump, and SJE Rhombus dealer. Buying a pump through us gives you a three year warranty on all Goulds pumps and a five year warranty on all SJE Rhombus equipment.

  • Diagnostics
Our trained techs can quickly analyze issues with your effluent pump system, and determine the proper corrective measures.
  • Pump Repair
Once our tech diagnoses your pump system we apply the needed corrective measures. Our repairs are made using the highest of quality parts. Each component is tested for proper function. Same day repair is available.

  • Pump Installation
If your pump is not repairable then the next option is to install a new pump. We offer complete pump installation with only the highest of quality parts. Each component is then tested for proper operation. Same day installation is available



Your plumbing system is a crucial part of your septic system. It is the first step to wastewater treatment. Plumbing carries your waste water from your appliances to your treatment tank. Problems here can cause issues such as leaks, or back ups into your home.
  • Interior Waste Water Plumbing
Have a problem with your indoor waste water plumbing? Let our trained tech diagnose, repair or replace your waste water plumbing.
  • Exterior Waste Water Plumbing
Exterior wastewater plumbing is often out of sight and out of mind. This can lead to unseen issues, which can cause water to drain slowly, toilets to not flush properly, or worse of all, wastewater to backup into your home. Allow us to carefully excavate the area around the pipe and repair or replace your exterior wastewater plumbing.